Game Racing Wheels - T500 RS, G27, Force GT

Thrustmaster RS Wheel

Thrustmaster RS video game wheel

The 30-cm Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel rim is powered by an industrial-grade 65 watt force feedback engine that uses a double-transmission belt powered system to transmit the effects. The wheel offers 1080 degrees of steering wheel rotation, defeating all other video game wheels on the market which are confined to 900 degrees of steering wheel rotation.

Logitech G27 Race Wheel

Logitech G27 video game wheel

The Logitech G27 home racing game wheel's genuine 11 inch proportions and leather-wrapped rim let you experience a life-like racing experience straight from the beginning! You're no longer playing games with the G27, you're driving.

GT Gaming Wheel

Force GT video game wheel

With a haptic feedback mechanism and a 900-degree wheel turning circle, the official wheel of Gran Turismo™ makes your PlayStation3 driving experience exceptional. You can avail of the Logitech Force GT Wheel with a lot of current games, such as: GT Prologue (PlayStation3), Need for Speed™: SHIFT (PlayStation 3, PC), Ferrari Challenge (PlayStation 3) and numerous other compatible video racing games.